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Oterra is the largest global provider of naturally sourced colours for the food, beverage, dietary supplements and pet food industry. Since our first colour launch in 1876, we’ve drawn on the power of nature’s true colours and championed that natural is best. And we’ve done everything in our power to bring the very best of nature to consumers ever since.

No one knows colour like nature. And no one knows natural colour like us. It’s our passion. It’s why we’re leading the way to a world with more naturally coloured food. A world free from artificial ingredients. A world where consumers can enjoy food that’s more authentic, safe and sustainable. Because when it comes to colour, we believe nature got it right the first time.


Support from the ground up

We work closely with our growers and suppliers. Our breeding programs ensure they have access to some of the best varieties and ongoing support. And we use sourcing practices tailored to specific growing areas, so everyone gets a fair deal. Our partners know they can count on us – and we can count on them – and of course this means a sustainable supply of great products. Manufacturers depend on us to help them do great things with colour.


We step lightly

Leaving a light footprint is important to us. We are constantly on the lookout for new ways to improve efficiency, reduce consumption and use renewable energy. And we take care of what we have by reusing by-products from production for other purposes.


Together towards natural

We believe it’s possible to do good business and still do good. Because together, we can make better food and work towards a fully transparent food system that meets the changing needs of consumers. And because natural – of course – is the only way to go.


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CC-1000-WS is a dark red water soluble liquid produced by extraction of carminic acid from the cochineal insect (Dactylopius coccus costa) followed by conversion to the Ca-Al lake of carminic acid and subsequently dissolved in aqueous potassium hydroxide. The major coloring principle is carminic acid.
CC-5000-WS-P is a dark greyish-red powder, produced by extraction of carminic acid from the cochineal insect (Dactylopius coccus Costa) followed by conversion into the water-soluble Ca-Al chelate of carminic acid. The major coloring principle is carminic acid.