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Striking the Right Balance in Preservative Systems for Emulsions in Personal Care Products
Emulsions play an important role in personal care products, providing the foundation for various skin care and cosmetic products. As one of the most common forms of formulation, emulsions provide the desired sensory benefits and a simple yet effective method of delivery of active ingredients. Two common types of emulsions, water-in-oil (W/O) and oil-in-water (O/W), each offer distinct sensory benefits and present unique challenges in terms of formulation and preservation.
Renewable and Bio-Based Alternatives: Trends for the Specialty Chemicals Industry in 2024
The chemical industry, essential across various sectors, grapples with environmental issues linked to pollution, waste, and energy use in conventional processes, driving a transition toward sustainability, notably marked by the uptake of renewable and biodegradable alternatives to mitigate fossil fuel dependency and combat climate change, resulting in substantial growth in renewable chemicals and bio-based products.