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MGP Ingredients

MGP is a leading U.S. supplier of specialty wheat proteins and starches, along with plant-based textured proteins made from wheat and peas. Combining innovation with in-depth experience and expertise, MGP is dedicated to providing customers with highly functional and nutritional ingredients that align with today’s consumer trends. Plant-based Textured Proteins from MGP in their ProTerra® line of products offer sensory and functional benefits, while enhancing protein content, in vegan and vegetarian products. A unique fibrous structure replicates the look and texture of meat and is ideal in meat, poultry and seafood extensions. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors for versatile uses. Other prominent ingredients in MGP’s portfolio include:
  • Arise® Wheat Protein Isolates
  • Fibersym® RW Resistant Wheat Starch
  • Midsol™ Cook-Up Wheat Starches
  • Pregel™ Instant Wheat Starches
MGP’s unwavering commitment to quality in ingredients production has consistently earned the BRC’s highest grade. 

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MGP Ingredients

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ProTerra® 2350 Series is a dry, unflavored textured pea protein. ProTerra® 2350 is kosher certified. 


PROTERRA® 2350 SERIES BENEFITS When hydrated, it can be used to replace meat in the formulation of vegetarian products, or it can be used to enhance a wide range of meat, poultry and seafood products.



ProTerra® 2200 Series is a dry, unflavored, textured, pea protein. ProTerra® 2200 Series is kosher certified. 



It can be used to fully replace meat in the formulation of vegetarian products, or it can be used as an extender in processed meat and poultry products. It mimics the texture and mouthfeel of meat when rehydrated.


PROTERRA® 2200 SERIES AT A GLANCE, Improves taste, texture and appearance, Replicates look and texture of meat, Offers no aftertaste, Increases yield, Reduces formulation costs.

Arise® 5000 provides functional benefits to a wide range of bakery and other flour-based food products: Reduce fat absorption, Increases moisture retention, Increases dough extensibility, Reduces mix time, Adds texture, Maintains dough quality, Increases yield.


In bakery applications, Arise® 5000 benefits dough processing through reduced mix time, increased water absorption and increased processing tolerance for improved volume, symmetry and cell structure.


In batter and coating systems, Arise® 5000 performs as a moisture and fat barrier due to its unique film-forming properties that increase product yields, enhance crispness and extend product shelf life.


Arise® 5000 can also be used as a partial replacement of egg whites in bakery, pasta, noodles and breadings and pre-dusting agents due to its exceptional textural binding abilities.

ProTerra® 1100 is a dry textured wheat protein. It is kosher certified and produced from non-GMO wheat.


PROTERRA® 1100 SERIES BENEFITS When hydrated, it can be used to extend processed meat products or to formulate vegan/vegetarian food products while imparting a firm, springy“bite”and good flavor.


PROTERRA® 1100 SERIES AT A GLANCE Replaces or extends ground beef products, Possesses higher protein content, Develops firm texture after hydration, Produces no aftertaste, Reduces formulation costs.