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DKSH collaborates with Meggle Food Systems, a food ingredients company with over 130 years of experience. Originally a small cheese dairy in Bavaria, Meggle has grown into a global organization, specializing in milk and whey processing. Meggle is committed to providing customized solutions and expert support to help customers succeed with their products.


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EDIFETT HWN is a great whipping agent, providing a short whipping time, great foam stability, and a tasty creamy flavor. EDIFETT HWN has the great ability to provide the advantage of the use of coconut fat and improve ice cream texture. EDIFETT HWN is suitable for bakeries such as mousses, desserts, cake filling, and decoration.
EDIFETT SCP 001 can be used in all-in-one baking mixes for home use, for artisan cakes or in industrial baking processes. Edifett SCP whipping emulsifiers are spray-dried emulsions consisting of emulsifiers, milk and carbohydrates. 1. Fine and soft crumb structure 2. High convenience factor 3. High volume 4. Good moisturizing property 5. All-in process possible 6. Suitable for vegetarians 7. Contributes to a constant product quality 8. Stability in aerated masses 9. Easy storage and handling 10. Free-flowing 11. Stability during baking and storage.
EDIFETT N 77 P 50 L SG contains high functional creamers are an excellent base for your soups and sauces. In addition to stabilizing properties our EDIFETT range also provides whitening ability. 1.Excellent whitening properties 2. Low content of trans-fatty acids 3. Products with various fat types and carrier systems available 4. Improvement of texture and consequently mouth feel 5. Products for clean label declaration available 6. Acid stable products available 7. Product types with non-hydrogenated fat 8. Products for vegetarian and vegan products available 9. Storage stability 10. Easy to handle 11. Good dispersibility 12. Price optimization.