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Ever since the company was founded (Spain 1972), the aim of Extractos Vegetales, S.A. ( EVESA ) has been to enhance the products provided by nature and make them useful and more attractive to its customers. From its outset, EVESA has evolved from the cultivation, extraction and marketing of natural extracts, aromatic plants and spices for food, feed, fragrance and pharmaceutical industries. EVESA is the biggest Paprika Oleoresin and one of the largest Paprika Powder and Rosemary Natural Antioxidant producer in the EU, which makes us a benchmark of quality and trust. The result is EVESA , a company that nowadays competes in a world´s globalized market. OUR VALUES - World class know-how: Traditional extraction techniques and sophisticated analytical and evaluation techniques. - EVESA´s facilities and equipment: have been designed to respond before any possible customers request. - Highly qualified personnel: skilled and specialized. - Guarantee of traceability in all our products. - Full safety commitment. - Business areas-target industries: We offer service to various industries (Food, Feed, Pharma). 

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