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Bunge Loders Croklaan is a leading global producer and supplier of sustainable plant-based specialty oils and fats for the food manufacturing industry. Our products are used in a wide range of applications, from bakery and confectionery to culinary and infant nutrition. They meet evolving dietary needs and trends, deliver the functionality food processors and chefs demand, and suit the diverse tastes and preferences of consumers in every part of the world. We are proud to be a global leader in oil and fat ingredients for B2B customers and supplier of choice of many food manufacturers, bakeries, restaurants and foodservice operators, offering a full range of softseed and tropical oils and world-class innovation capabilities, coupled with an unmatched global presence. With in-depth knowledge of ingredients, applications and processes, the Bunge Loders Croklaan team closely cooperates with customers to develop tailored solutions and create innovative products to meet their business goals and differentiate them in in the marketplace. 

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BUNGEMAXX S-1000 is a lecithin derived from sunflower seeds - the purest product available on the market due to the unique manufacturing process, dedicated staff and strict quality management in the production sites.
BUNGEMAXX 5001 is a lecithin derived from high-quality NON-GMO soya beans, thanks to the excellent position located in the sourcing country. BUNGEMAXX 5001 acts as a stabiliser for the emulsion to change the rheology of products and influence surface tension for the applications of chocolate, margarine, mayonnaise and bakery goods.
Biscuitine™ 620 is a fractionated, hydrogenated, refined vegetable fat of non lauric origin with the mass balance grade. Biscuitine™ 620 act as a filling fat for the application in chocolate and bakery products.
REVEL C XL-78589/SG is a high-temperature melting fats with a segregated graded palm oil. REVEL C XL-78589/SG displays the benefits of being great in flavour carrying, flavour enhancing, fast crystallisation and impove mouthfeel. REVEL C XL-78589/SG can be used in a general purpose of food production.