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ALLNEX, a global leader in industrial coating resins, crosslinkers, and additives, offers a comprehensive range of products.

Renowned as a pioneer in specialty chemicals, ALLNEX provides innovative liquid resins, additives, radiation-cured solutions, powder coating resins, and crosslinkers for diverse applications on wood, metal, plastic, and various other surfaces.


In the specialty chemicals industry, ALLNEX partners with DKSH as a distributor, leveraging their expertise and extensive network to reach customers in different markets.


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ADDITOL VXW 6386 Easy emulsifable defoamer, espacially for high quality waterborne sytems, at there conventionally mineral-oil or silicon based defoamers cause decrease the surface quallity of the film (orange peel, craters). At forced and stoving drying paints it can observed a higher cissing free filmthickness. ADDITOL VXW 6386 is qualified for following waterborne systems: stoving enamel based on alkyd- or acrylic-melamine resin, 2 component acrylic-isocyanate paints, paints based on waterdilutable alkyd resin and gloss and semigloss dispersion paint.
ADDITOL XL 122 is a paint additive to enhance mar resistance and slip and to improve flow and levelling in air drying and stoving paints. ADDITOL XL 122 is a silicone type paint additive. It enhances the resistance of solventborne paints to mechanical attack by increasing the slip of the paint surface. Furthermore, ADDITOL XL 122 improves levelling and flow prevents surface defects like orange peel and thus in general contributes to the formation of flawless film surfaces with enhanced sheen. In coil coating and can coating paints as well as in furniture enamels ADDITOL XL 122 is used to prevent blocking also. ADDITOL XL 122 can be employed with air drying alkyd resin paints, alkyd resin stoving paints, thermosetting acrylic paints, nitrocellulose lacquers, acid curing paints, alkyd-isocyanate paints or acrylics, isocyanate enamels. Paints containing ADDITOL XL 122 can be recoated in general without additional treatment of the surface. The effect of ADDITOL XL 122 varies with the formulation of the paint. A level of 0.05 to 0.3 % of ADDITOL XL 122 on the finished paint may serve as a guide.
ADDITOL XL 180 enhances intercoat adhesion of stoving paints and fast drying air-drying paints on electrodeposition primers, white electrodeposition paints and primers. ADDITOL XL 180 is dilutable with aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons,ketones, esters and alcohols, and is in its form of delivery not dilutable with water. ADDITOL XL 180 improves intercoat adhesion between finish and primer. ADDITOL XL 180 has excellent compatibility characteristics with many binder systems and thus affords universal use. In water dilutable systems ADDITOL XL 180 is best used neutralized with amines, preferably triethylamine. Effects of ADDITOL XL 180 are increased adhesion and enhanced flexibility of stoving alkyd or acrylic resin paints to primers and white paints applied b electrodeposition. In single coats on iron and aluminium, ADDITOL XL 180 does not seem to be efficience. ADDITOL XL 180 as well as its salts can be combined with non-ionic and anionic substances with interfacial activity. Compatibility with cationic substances, however, should be checked individually to prevent mutual flocculation and reduction of gloss. Experience so far has neither shown impaired weathering resistance nor reduced storage stability in connection with the use of ADDITOL XL 180.
High pigment loading without increase in viscosity. Reduction of dispersing time. Enhances gloss and levelling. For air drying and stoving solvent-borne paints and particularly for water dilutable paint systems. ADDITOL XL 203 prevents the floating of titanium dioxide in conjunction with organic or inorganic coloured pigments. It can be employed in solvent-borne and water dilutable air drying and stoving paint systems. ADDITOL XL 203 enhances gloss and levelling of paint films. Pigment loading of paints and pigment pastes can be increased without rises in viscosity. Dispersion time is reduced. The recommended level may range from 0.1 to 1.5 % on total paint. Level on pigments: inorganic pigments: 0.5 - 2.5 %, organic pigments: 1.5 - 5 %. The figures given here may serve as a guide for extensive trials to find the optimum in dosage and effect and to save costs. Since ADDITOL XL 203 is a cationic product it should not be used in conjunction with certain anionic products. Phase seperation occurs and ADDITOL XL 203 becomes ineffective at once. The compatibility should be determined by experiments. ADDITOL XL 203 can be combined with cationic and non-ionic products.