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Synthomer, in collaboration with DKSH, is a leading producer of high-performance and specialized chemical products that are integral to a wide range of everyday applications. With a strong customer base of over 6,000 clients, Synthomer contributes to the development of numerous products, including adhesives, coatings, construction materials, and specialty healthcare applications.
Synthomer's chemistry surrounds us, from the walls we see to the infrastructure that supports our economy, and even the hygiene products that protect us. Committed to innovation and sustainability, Synthomer aims to create solutions that benefit both customers and society. Their focus on emission-reducing formulations aligns with the growing demand for more environmentally friendly products.
As an evolving company with a rich history dating back to 1863, Synthomer has transformed into a specialized polymer solutions provider, driven by a strong sustainability vision. Recognized for their commitment to environmental objectives, Synthomer has earned accolades such as the London Stock Exchange Green Economy mark and inclusion in the FTSE4Good index.

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REVACRYL R4367 improves dirt pick up. REVACRYL R 4367 is a high performance styreneacrylic polymer dispersion designed for a wide range of paint applications. Paints based on REVACRYL R 4367 exhibit outstanding water, alkali, efflorescence resistance and scrub resistance.
ALBESTER 6181 resin has been specifically designed to give a superior exterior durability in 95:5 ratio with ß-HAA and improved mechanical properties compared to standard superdurable systems.