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In collaboration with DKSH, Solvay, a global leader in Materials, Chemicals, and Solutions, delivers advancements in various industries, including specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and personal care. Their innovative solutions address critical industrial, social, and environmental challenges, contributing to a safer, cleaner, and more sustainable future.


Solvay's businesses are organized into three segments, strategically aligned to drive current and future megatrends. Their expertise spans electrification, lightweighting, resource efficiency, healthcare, Internet of Things, digitalization, and eco-friendly solutions. Regardless of the customer's market, Solvay provides attentive service and tailored solutions to meet their specific needs, optimizing total cost of ownership and promoting sustainability.


With DKSH as a partner distributor, Solvay's cutting-edge products and solutions are made more accessible to the specialty chemicals, pharmaceutical, and personal care industries. Together, Solvay and DKSH strive to deliver innovative and value-added solutions that address evolving industry demands and contribute to a better future.


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