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ROEHM is a partner supplier of DKSH, helping to provide specialty chemicals and raw materials to our B2B customers. Find out what products are offered here. 

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DEGALAN® PM 602 is a binder for concrete coatings and metal coatings. DEGALAN® PM 602 is a versatile binder. It is useable for the manufacture of glossy weather-resistant, light-fast and chemical-resistant concrete coatings, exterior house paints, metal coatings, marine and container coatings, aerosol paints and road marking paints.

DEGALAN LP 50/02 a binder for the manufacture of PVC finishing, plastic coatings, printing inks and hot stamping foils. DEGALAN® LP 50/02 is compatible with most PVC copolymers, NC, chlorinated rubber and plasticisers; incompatible with cellulose acetobutyrate/acetopropionate, alkyd and epoxyester resins and silicone resins.

DEGALAN® P 28 N by Roehm is methacrylic resin used in UV printing inks. It exhibits compatibility with polyolefin substrates including PP and PE. It provides sufficient adhesion to the substrates by applying primer and corona pre-treatment. It possesses universal solubility, excellent chemical resistance and light-fastness. DEGALAN® P 28 N shows good compatibility with other printing ink raw materials and pigments.

DEGALAN® P 24 by Roehm is methacrylic resin designed for UV printing inks. It exhibits medium hardness, elasticity, light-fastness and excellent chemical resistance. It provides compatibility with PVC co-polymers, PS, PC, PMMA, ABS, pigments, printing ink raw materials and ester-soluble nitrocellulose. DEGALAN® P 24 possesses good adhesion to various substrates such as plastics, paper, textiles and metal. It shows solubility in esters and is blendable with alcohols.