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At Puratos, we believe food has extraordinary power in our lives: the power to feed, nourish, comfort, and bring families together. It can unite people of all backgrounds, putting a smile on our faces as we celebrate life’s moments—big and small. It even has the unique power to heal!

We do not take this great responsibility lightly, and that is why we have actively committed to a holistic operating model, one that is sustainable, respectful, and balanced. To this end, we are implementing plans to achieve CO2 neutrality, use water responsibly, and reduce waste.

Our raw materials are sourced respectfully, and we aim to ensure safe and stable revenue for farmers. We work in harmony with the communities we are a part of and invest in providing life-changing educational opportunities in our Bakery Schools. We are committed to our employees and creating a caring working environment that welcomes diversity and promotes personal development.

Food innovation is energy for good. That is why we are constantly striving to grow our positive impact with the creation of innovative food solutions that promote health & well-being and steadily move businesses, customers, people, and the planet forward. 

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BELCOLADE 34% ORGANIC WHITE CHOCOLATE DROPS is made from organic cocoa beans, cane sugar from Paraguay, organic milk powder from Europe and vanilla from Madagascar. Every player in the supply chain, from the farm to the factory in Belgium, is strictly monitored to guarantee an organic claim. This is a very well balanced white chocolate with a vanilla flavour and a note of cooked milk. Drop size is around 28mm wide and the product comes in 15kg bags.
BELCOLADE CACAO-TRACE 44% BELCOSTICKS are 8cm long bake stable chocolate sticks with low cocoa butter content to ensure they retain the shape. This bake stable stick is a Cacao-Trace product, a mark of quality as it not only adds cocoa quality to the sustainability formula, but also pays a 'Chocolate Bonus' of 10c EUR back to Cacao-Trace farmers for every kilo of chocolate you purchase. This product is packed in a 24kg carton, containing 15 individual cases each weighing 1.6kg with full label and 100% Cacao-Trace stamp on each case.
BELCOLADE EBONY DROPS is preconched cocoa mass packed in 12kg bags, which can be easily mixed with chocolate to achieve a more intense taste & colour. It also makes for a great ingredient for flavouring ice cream, ganache, pralines or other ingredient bases to achieve a deeper, darker colour & more intense cocoa taste. Drop size is around 20mm.