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LYCOBETA 30% SUNFLOWER OIL Contains crystals of Natural Beta-Carotene dispersed in sunflower oil. Source of Natural Beta-Carotene and natural color to be used in food products. Dietary supplements—suitable for hard shell and soft gel capsules, tablets.

SANTE - LIQUID is a Soluble tomato solids produced from selected varieties of non GMO, red ripe tomatoes. Natural tomato concentrate and flavor. Used in sweet and savory applications to provide an umami effect on flavor, and it can also be used to reduce salt, sugar, flavor and/or fat in food and beverage formulations.

CAPSUDAR D2-100 CWD is a Microencapsulated Vitamin D2 use as food additive in powders and drinks. Recent studies suggest that there is a link between vitamin D deficiency and increased risk of bone fracture in the elderly making adequate supplementation all the more necessary.

LYCOFIBER is a clean label ingredient solution that can extend tomato paste, reduce solids, control viscosity, and naturally add back the texture, taste, and colour to products. Lycofiber is the ultimate solution to cost optimize without compromising on product quality or consumer expectations.


LYCOFIBER is a Fiber that's produced from ripe tomatoes, and is free from additives. Lycored has extensive experience in supporting product value and enhancing the consumer appeal of tomato-centred products. Tomato-based science from Lycored offers practical cost-effective solutions.


LYCOFIBER can be used in tomato based products as a source of tomato fibers. Preserving texture and mouthfeel with less tomato paste. For tomato sauces and similar recipes, reducing key “structural” ingredients like tomato paste can be especially challenging. However naturally enhancing texture and mouthfeel is less challenging with LycoFibers from Lycored. Natural LycoFibers provide an authentic homemade vegetable fiber effect and our customers have found it to be an excellent method for naturally modifying pulpiness, viscosity, and mouthfeel in their product recipes. Both Lycored research and customer experience has shown that with LycoFibers, manufacturers can extend tomato paste supply by up to 25%. Further, these non-GMO ingredients can impart a smooth texture and glossy sheen to sauces and eliminate less attractive ingredients such as starches and emulsifiers (in most applications) while improving mouthfeel, texture, and pulpiness. An all-natural sustainable solution . The fact that Lycored carefully manages and controls its own tomato supply has allowed the company to sustain its operations and weather the impact of drought or natural disasters. As a vertically integrated system, Lycored offers a more viable long-term supply solution featuring sustainably sourced ingredients and clean label transparency. From seed to shelf Lycored products offer 100% full supply chain visibility.