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PRECHEZA a.s. is a reputable chemical company with a long history of over 120 years in general chemical production and over 50 years in the manufacturing of inorganic pigments. They are the largest producer of inorganic pigments in the Czech Republic and a significant player in Europe.


The company actively engages in industry associations and organizations, including the Association of the Chemical Industry of the Czech Republic, the Chamber of Commerce, the Association of Paint Manufacturers of the Czech Republic, and the Titanium Dioxide Manufacturers Association (TDMA).


Their primary focus is on titanium dioxide production, which constitutes a major portion of their total turnover. They also produce iron oxides, sulphuric acid, and other chemical goods. The majority of their products are exported, with Western Europe being their main export market. They also serve Central and Eastern European countries, North and Central America, the Asia-Pacific region, Africa, Australia, and the Middle East.


PRECHEZA's key customers come from various industries such as coatings, plastics, paper, construction, pharmaceuticals, food, and agriculture. They have a dedicated technological center to address research, development, and application requirements for their products.


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PRETIOX AV01PHG is easily dispersible pigment with high refractive index and optimal optical properties, used as opacifier in capsule shell manufacturing, colouring agent for films, tablets and coated pills.

​PRETIOX RGU is a universal, high quality micronized rutile titanium dioxide with an organic and increased inorganic surface treatment with aluminum and silicon compounds, with aluminum ion modification in the crystal structure. It is excellent in dispersity and high weathering resistance.