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In partnership with DKSH, Polygal AG, a Swiss family-owned company, has been a pioneer in processing natural hydrocolloids for diverse industrial applications since its inception in 1956. Committed to sustainable practices and values like partnership, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship, Polygal stands as a symbol of high quality, innovation, and reliability. This ethos is upheld by all Polygal employees across its global locations, including Switzerland, Spain, Pakistan, and China, reflecting tradition and vision since 1956.


Driven by passion, curiosity, and continuous research and development, Polygal has emerged as a world leader in plant hydrocolloid research and utilization. The company's core values include autonomy, reliability in relationships, and environmental consciousness, shaping its operations and offerings.


Polygal's contributions extend beyond product offerings; it emphasizes funding for education and training while delivering sustainable, top-quality products and consulting services. With sites strategically located close to raw materials globally, Polygal serves as a versatile, cross-industry partner, providing synergies for various sectors.


Polygal prioritizes autonomy and independence, enabling agility, flexibility, and market orientation. Secure jobs, specialized training opportunities, and active employee involvement define its commitment to its workforce, recognizing its role in shaping Polygal's success.


In alignment with its corporate strategy, Polygal ensures sustainable management across all facets, blending economic, ecological, and social commitments. By delivering profitable business results, Polygal maintains independence, supports meaningful employment, champions sustainability initiatives, and integrates them into its core operations.


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