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Natura Aeropack Corporation is your sustainable source of high-quality oleochemical ingredients.

Located in the heart of the Philippines' export zone, our 26-hectare facility blends cutting-edge technology with skilled artisans and a robust supply chain. We guarantee top-quality oleochemicals delivered worldwide, whether you need them in bulk or smaller quantities.

From responsibly sourced raw materials to Green Chemistry, from efficient manufacturing to renewable energy use, Natura Aeropack embodies ESG principles. We're the sustainable choice that both businesses and consumers are seeking.

We specialize in organic coconut-based ingredients, crafting premium products tailored to your brand's unique needs.

Our R&D powerhouse boasts advanced laboratories and state-of-the-art testing equipment. Innovation is in our DNA, and we create customized, globally certified products.

Our next-gen manufacturing facility sets new standards for sustainability, optimizing resource usage while minimizing waste generation. We're committed to preserving the environment.


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