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MOKATE is one of the leading manufacturers in the Polish and European food industry and a recognised exporter of branded and high quality food products (coffee mixes, cappuccino, latte, instant coffee, roast and ground coffee, coffee beans, chocolate drinks, creamers and all types of tea). In the rapidly developing sector of food ingredients the company also plays strong role and is perceived as a proven supplier on B2B market. One of the biggest advantages of MOKATE’s business model is the wide offer, providing the customers opportunity of buying an extensive range of products and categories from one producer platform served by professional and experienced Team.

MOKATE was founded in the early 90s as a family business and at the moment comprises nine independent entities, named the MOKATE Group. Six of them are located outside Poland in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

Mokate has two operation units in southern Poland in Silesian Region: Ustron and Zory. The idea and approach to expansion are based on four premises: product innovation, diversification of the range, synergy between the products dedicated to the retail market and those formulated to the B2B market and the building of distribution networks using the local staff in every country. The company focus is to cooperate with experienced representatives and FMCG experts in the worldwide markets to satisfy consumers and shoppers needs and high expectations.


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MOKA CB foamers for beverages are instant products used to easily obtain a “frothy milk” effect while also improving the taste of instant coffee and chocolate drinks. Our encapsulation and spray drying technologies enable us to encapsulate gas inside a foamer capsule, which will form stable, aromatic and tasty milk foam on the top of the beverage after dissolving.


We offer a wide selection of almost 40 standard variants of MOKA CB products based on vegetable fats, which differ mostly in terms of the content of top-quality dairy.


Products benefits:


The most common applications of foamers:

  • A wide range of foam height (10-30 mm)
  • Stability in water and acidic pH
  • Improved taste of the drink (milkiness and aroma)
  • Varied beverage whitening effect
  • Excellent solubility


The most common applications of foamers:

  • Coffee beverages (latte, cappuccino, frappe, etc)
  • Chocolate beverages

MOKA CW beverage creamers are instant products designed mainly to create a whitening effect while also improving the taste of the finished product. 

Our MOKA CW creamers are made from vegetable oil (6,5-60% content) while the added milk proteins and functional additives provide stability in both hot and cold beverages, hard water and different pH. Even though vegetable fat and milk proteins make less than half of a MOKA CW creamers for beverages, it is these different vegetable fat types and top quality milk proteins that provide the full taste, creaminess and milkiness of the beverage. 

High fat creamers (> 35%) are also used in meal concentrates and powdered desserts. 

Products benefits:

The most common applications of foamers:

  • Excellent solubility and wetting
  • Wide bulk density spectrum (Max 650 g/l)


The most common applications of high fat creamers:

  • Meal concentrates: soups, instant sauces
  • Ice cream base - soft and cone type
  • Carrier of spices sprinkles for salty snacks
  • Source of vegetable fat in milk mixtures

MOKA FI SW 50 CR03 ND is a fat powder with cold water dispersible and non-trans fat dairy substitute that is plant-based.


This plant-based fat powder will enhance your products.


Fat and dairy products based on vegetable fats, glucose syrup and milk proteins for creaming and filling of savory products, ready meals as well as for bakery applications.


With differentiated physical and chemical properties, they feature various degrees of creaming capability and differ in intensity of their milky flavour.

MOKA CB 33 CR 01 ND HF is a foaming and thickening agent with the function of taste enhancement and whitening effect. This product has a good stability in hard water and acidic pH.


MOKA CB 33 CR 01 ND HF can be used in cappuccino, latte, frappe and chocolate drinks.