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Mineraria Sacilese, with plants in Sacile and Caneva, Italy, is a leading producer of micronized calcium carbonate sourced from Europe's purest deposits. Their certifications underscore their commitment to quality and environmental responsibility. Offering various granulated calcium carbonate products, they cater to diverse industries—Granulated GS for applications like animal feed, plasters, and paints, Granulated MS with high whiteness for paints and industrial needs, CCC for multiple sectors, and Calcitec, boasting high whiteness for paints, plastics, and more. Their tailored solutions and dedication to quality position them as a significant global player in calcium carbonate supply across industries.


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Calcitec Puro is characterized by its chemical purity, making it suitable for use in the food industry. The product control plan ensures compliance with the REGULATION (EU) N. 231/2012 (E 170) and with the latest edition of the FCC.
CALCITEC PURO M/2 Calcitec (Puro calcium carbonate) is characterized by its high chemical purity, making it suitable for use in the food industry. The production cycle complies with the food safety requirements set by the standard FSSC 22000, and the product control plan ensures compliance with the Regulation 231/2012/EC (E 170) and with the latest edition of FCC.