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Maspex is the largest private Polish company in the food industry and one of the largest in Central and Eastern Europe. The B2B sales department is responsible for cooperation with institutional customers from Poland as well as foreign companies.


Our customers include international food corporations, leading yoghurt producers, and companies from the confectionery and convenience sector. When working with business customers, we try to adjust our offer to your needs as precisely as possible or to create a product with the special requirements of specific contractors in mind. Maspex uses state-of-the-art production technologies.


Thanks to this, our products are distinguished by their excellent quality, which we achieve by using the best raw materials, high-class technology, and by trusting in the experience and high qualifications of our employees.


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LEMON FIZZ EFFECT CEREAL BALLS is an extruded rice balls with lime taste mass and color from fruit and plant concentrates. They can be customized for different flavor, color, size and fizz effect according to the application requirement. The cereal base and the coating can also be modified accordingly.
EXTRUDED PRODUCTS-RINGS is an extruded ring shaped cereal products with honey which can be customized for different flavor, color and size according to the application requirement. The cereal base can also be modified accordingly.

DRAGEES is a candy beans made out of milk chocolate coated with sugar to act as inclusions in various applications in food & beverages industries.

Maspex's Dragees range offer a high level of customisation tailored to your application needs.

Customisable items:

Step.1 Type of cores:
Milk chocolate, dark chocolate & cocoa mass.

Step. 2 Types and sizes:
Medium (13mm), mini (9mm), micro (8mm), lens-shaped (7x10mm), matt, gloss, overprinted & crushed.

Step.3 Colours: large range of colorants & fruit and vegetable extracts.

Step.4 Type of packing: 5-15kg Carton, 600-650kg big bag & 8-500g Sachet (zipper and euro hole possible).

The highly customisable dragees is recommended to use in bakery, chocolate, ice cream and yoghurt applications.

Tell us your need and we can customise the solution for you.