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In partnership with DKSH, LANXESS is a prominent specialty chemicals company headquartered in Cologne. Their core business revolves around the development, manufacturing, and marketing of chemical intermediates, additives, and consumer protection products.


LANXESS manages its operations through four segments: Advanced Industrial Intermediates, Specialty Additives, and Consumer Protection. They prioritize understanding and meeting their customers' needs, driving progress, and consistently delivering innovative solutions in the form of products, materials, and services.


The company leverages artificial intelligence in the development of new materials to accelerate the process and enhance efficiency for their customers. LANXESS also places great emphasis on optimizing their manufacturing, administration, and logistics processes to ensure high performance and operational excellence. Through their partnership with DKSH, LANXESS extends its reach in the specialty chemicals industries, providing exceptional products and solutions to customers worldwide.


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BAYSCRIPT MAGENTA BB LIQ is a highly purified, low salt grade azo reactive dye that offers an excellent filterability (0.45 μm), very good ozone fastness, very reliable shade on different kinds of papers and it is an economical dye without compromising on performance.
BAYPURE CX 100 solid G is a complexing agent for alkaline earth and heavy metal ions in detergents and cleaning agent applications, textile and paper applications, photographic applications, the ceramics industry and trace metal nutrient fertilizers in agriculture. Effective as a scale deposit remover, water softener and bleaching agent stabilizer.
BAYSOLVEX D2EHPA is a very efficient and versatile extraction agent (solvent) in liquid-liquid extraction. It is used for processes for purification, enrichment, separation and recovery of metal salts.