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In collaboration with DKSH as a partner distributor in specialty chemicals industries, KRONOS is a prominent global manufacturer and supplier of titanium dioxide pigments (TiO2). TiO2 is a crucial industrial product that serves as a highly effective whitening agent, contributing to a brighter world.


KRONOS specializes in producing value-added TiO2 pigments that find extensive applications in various sectors. These include paints and coatings, plastics, papers, fibers, as well as specialties like cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, glass, and ceramics. With their expertise in TiO2 production and distribution, KRONOS ensures the availability of high-quality pigments that enhance the performance and visual appeal of a wide range of products.


By partnering with DKSH, KRONOS strengthens its presence in the specialty chemicals industries, enabling efficient and reliable distribution of their TiO2 pigments to customers worldwide. Together, they provide solutions that contribute to the production of vibrant and durable materials across diverse industries, ultimately enhancing the quality and aesthetics of end products.


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