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Keeling & Walker was founded in the early 1900’s and within a decade became a leading supplier of various ceramic materials, equipment and consumables to the local Potteries. Over the last century, they have been building excellence in tin oxide manufacturing as well as innovating to match the ever-growing demand for more advanced functional additives.


In 2015, Keeling and Walker opened a new plant and ramped up a diversification of our product portfolio. Today, they offer over 50 different grades of tin oxide, but also NIR absorbers (powders and nanodispersions) for films/inks/coatings and laser marking additives.


For more details about the laser marking additives of Keeling & Walker, please refer to the article below:
- Revolutionizing Plastic Identification: The Role of Laser Marking Technology in Sustainability
- Innovative Solutions for Plastic Sustainability: A Deep Dive into NIR Laser Marking


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