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In partnership with DKSH as a distributor in specialty chemicals industries and personal care industries, KANEKA is a company that provides solutions for people, society, and the global environment. KANEKA operates in various business domains, and their Solutions Vehicles (SVs) act as catalysts for change and growth by connecting KANEKA with society.


KANEKA's line of business includes Vinyls and Chlor-Alkali, Performance Polymers (MOD), Performance Polymers (MS), Foam & Residential Techs, E & I Technology, PV & Energy Management, Performance Fibers, Medical, Pharma & Supplemental Nutrition, and Foods & Agris. These business segments enable KANEKA to offer a wide range of innovative products and technologies that address the diverse needs of industries such as automotive, construction, energy, healthcare, and agriculture.


With DKSH as their partner distributor, KANEKA ensures the efficient distribution and accessibility of their solutions to customers in the specialty chemicals and personal care industries, enabling them to benefit from KANEKA's expertise and contribute to the advancement of various sectors and the well-being of individuals and society as a whole.


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