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The journey of how JHL emerged as a leader in colour technology since its establishment in 1897 is a testament to the dedication, innovation, and continuous pursuit of COLOR.


Jos. H. Lowenstein & Sons (JHL) boasts a remarkable 125-year history, marked by significant milestones. Founded in 1897 by Joseph H. Lowenstein, the company started with meager resources and experience from a local paint store. By the 1920s, JHL had firmly established itself in Brooklyn, benefiting from expanded warehouse space. The 1950s ushered in a technological era under visionary Chairman Steve Lowenstein, propelling innovations in color formulation. In the 1970s, Steve's leadership expanded JHL's global presence, establishing robust trade connections across continents.


The 1990s saw the entry of David Lowenstein, Steve's son, bringing leather technology expertise that merged seamlessly with color dye formulation and fashion trends. David assumed the role of President in 2012, preserving JHL's commitment to innovation, personalized service, and value. In 2015, JHL's Serbian facility transformed logistics with expanded capabilities. By 2022, the Belgrade facility nearly matched the capabilities of the Brooklyn headquarters. In 2023, JHL entered a new era, making substantial investments in marketing, communications, packaging, and production efficiency. Throughout its journey, JHL has upheld a legacy of innovation, quality, and service, solidifying its standing as an industry leader.


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