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IGM RESINS, a global UV ink and coating specialist, excels in energy curing technology.


They offer innovative products and services across various markets, providing photoinitiators, energy curing resins, and additives essential for UV curing formulations. Applications span from printing and packaging to electronics and adhesives.


With DKSH as their partner distributor, IGM RESINS delivers their top-quality solutions worldwide.


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PHOTOMER 4035 is a monofunctional aromatic acrylate of low viscosity, moderate odour and good cure speed. Due to the monofunctional character of its backbone, it has been found useful as a flexibilizer and as an adhesion promoter. PHOTOMER 4035 is recommended for use in UV/EB curable screen, flexographic inks, clear coatings and lacquers.
ESACURE KT-55 is a liquid mixture of Esacure TZT (50%) and Esacure KIP 150 (50%). IT is used in combination with a co initiator and is particularly suitable when high reactivity and low yellowing are required.
ESACURE KIP 75LT is a liquid mixture of Esacure KIP 150 (75%) and Tripropyleneglycoldiacrylate (25%). It is an oligomeric polyfunctional α-hydroxyketone characterised by high reactivity and non-yellowing properties. It is particularly recommended when low odour is a required characteristic.
OMNIPOL BP is a difunctional benzophenone photoinitiator specifically designed for use in inks and coatings requiring low migration and low volatility. It is particularly suited to use in combination with amine synergists and non-pigmented coatings as an alternative to benzophenone.