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GLICO is a partner supplier of DKSH, helping to provide specialty chemicals and raw materials to our B2B customers. Find out what products are offered here. 

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BIOGLYCOGEN Consists of a-1,4:1,6 linkages of glucose. It provides an aging care effect. It has a production of ATP, Hyaluronic acid, Ceramide. It provides mprovement of Stratum corneum hydration, average depth of maximum wrinkle, average area of pores, and an anti-UV effect. Improvement of protein expressions related to antioxidant proteins. Inhibition of apoptosis induced by UV irradiation and suppression of Erythema value.


Calcium phosphoryl oligosaccharides

Calcium phosphoryl oligosaccharides. Skin hydration, improve stratum corneum and skin texture. Pos-Ca is a complex with calcium and phosphoryl oligosaccharides made from potato starch. Highly water soluble calcium compound. Induction of cell differentiation. Promotion of tight-junction formation. Promotion of gene expression related to stratum corneum. Promotion of intercellular lipid production. Penetration into the epidermis of the epidermal model.


New type of maltodextrin issued from cornstrach through a specific process enabling high molecular weight with narrow distribution, high water solubility and low Maillard reactivity (coloration) compared to standard maltodextrins. Its Helical structure will provide inclusion abilities such as odor absorption (body odor), unstable substance stabilization, keeping skin moisture and fragrance retention