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Galstaff Multiresine is an Italian enterprise with over half a century of experience in producing synthetic resins and auxiliaries for coatings and printing inks. Their high-quality products are distributed globally, and their commitment to personalized service has earned them a strong reputation.

With a dedicated team of engineers comprising 25% of their organization, Galstaff Multiresine is focused on technical excellence and providing continuous support to customers. They prioritize health, safety, and environmental protection, ensuring compliance with H.S.E. regulations.


As a partner distributor, DKSH collaborates with Galstaff Multiresine to provide customers with reliable and innovative coating resins and auxiliaries.


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FTALON 692 is a fast curing polyester, for two pack polyurethane basecoat and top coat. The high viscosity and high molecular weight allow to formulate products with high viscosity and relatively low solid content. The low hydroxyl content means a low isocyanate demand and low cost of formulation. FTALON 692 is an hard resin, so it is important a correct selection of the isocyanate and the mixture with more flexible resins (f.i.FTALON 43, 45,etc).
FTALON TN is a saturated polyester for top quality 2K PU with a good flexibility, high cross-linking speed with all isocyanates, (particularly suggested with aliphatic). Can be applied directly on metal substrates due to a very good adhesion, even on galvanized steel.