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Forestwise is a company registered in The Netherlands but with it’s own factory in the heart of Borneo.


Forestwise sources, harvests, produces, and distributes effective, natural cosmetic ingredients that are sustainably-sourced from rainforests in Indonesia. Cosmetic brands that source from Forestwise stand to gain a competitive edge by differentiating themselves both through formulations that utilize these ingredients’ unique properties, and through their active support toward rainforest conservation.


Through our wild-harvest approach, we prevent further deforestation, increase the economic value of the remaining rainforest, conserve wildlife and empower local communities to create income while conserving their habitat. We call this #Rainforestvalue.


We provide our customers with better sourcing opportunities that are fully traceable, enabling them to make specific product claims - for example bio-diversification, organic, fair trade, contribution to forest conservation, etc.


In the future we will move beyond sustainability and towards regenerative agroforestry. This approach not only stops the damage to the rainforest but actually reverses the decline.  Trees planted as part of this programme will become the framework around which biodiversity will again flourish.


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