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EFP Biotek aims to continuously improve its Practices and Technology in order to maximize Corporate Value by supplying its clients the Best Quality sea and vegetable origin products ever, practicing Sustainable fishing and procurement policies.


EFP Biotek traces its roots from Figueira da Foz, Portugal, focusing on codfish fishing in the North Atlantic. Its fishing fleet expanded, targeting various market segments including fresh Atlantic fish and frozen seafood. In the 1970s, it invested in a fishmeal and fish oil plant, marking a transition towards more complex ingredient manufacturing, cosmetics development, and consumer health supplement production.


Transitioning into the 21st century, the company specialized in high-quality fresh fish from Portuguese waters, with a significant expansion in its fishmeal and fish oil business. It invested in facility upgrades and technology, leading to the production of high-purity oils like Squalane and Shark Liver Oil, as well as oils, waxes and butter of vegetable origin, including plant-based alternatives to silicones and petrolatum. The company celebrated its centenary in 2012 and continued its growth trajectory with the acquisition of a major refinery/laboratory in Spain, facilitating further product range expansion under the EFP Biotek brand.


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