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CLiQ SwissTech is a leading European-based global producer and supplier of special additives for industries such as coatings, inks, construction, thermoset, and more.

With a focus on high-quality additive solutions, state-of-the-art product development, and exceptional technical service, CLiQ SwissTech provides customers with tailored and innovative product solutions.


DKSH collaborates closely with CLiQ SwissTech to ensure the efficient distribution of their special additives.


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CLIQSPERSE® NQ (LP 2004-1) is a 100% active block co-polymer dispersing agent for 100% UV, solvent-free and high solid applications. The dispersant has a cationic character and is particularly recommended for dispersion and stabilisation of organic and carbon black pigments.
CLIQSPERSE® NQ absorbs strongly to the pigment surface while providing an extremely low concentrate viscosity. It provides superior stability in the concentrate and also later in the final coating system preventing flocculation, flooding and floating.
CLIQSPERSE® NQ maximises transparency, gloss development and colour strength of organic and carbon black pigments. It is particularly recommended for 100% UV based coatings and inks.

CLIQSPERSE 162 is a highly efficient anionic wetting agent for both aqueous and non-aqueous systems. It is applied in coatings and pigment concentrates to improve pigment / substrate wetting or colorant compatibility.