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CHONGQING ACME TECH. is a partner supplier of DKSH, helping to provide specialty chemicals and raw materials to our B2B customers. Find out what products are offered here. 

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SURFADOL 465 is a multi-functional surfactant for wetting and defoaming. It is a low-foam wetting agent for waterborne coatings, inks and adhesive. It can be utilized for its wetting and slight emulsification properties. SURFADOL 465 has a high cloud point for utilization in high temperature systems. It is suitable for food contact compliant formulations. It improves wetting of various substrates and pigments and excellent dynamic surface tension reduction, No APEO,HAPS and solvent free.

SURFADOL 541E is a versatile nonionic wetting agent and molecular defoamer. It effectively enhances wetting and defoaming in waterborne coatings, inks, and adhesive systems. By reducing surface tension, it prevents foam generation during processing and application, resulting in improved substrate wetting and appearance.

SURFADOL SE-F is a nonionic multifunctional wetting agent and anti-defoamer tailored for waterborne coatings, inks, and adhesive systems. It effectively supports dynamic wetting and defoaming while preventing foam generation during processing and application. Additionally, it contributes to enhanced substrate wetting and appearance through surface tension reduction.