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Chematek operates as an integrated industrial services distributor with a primary focus on fine chemicals, which encompasses reducing agents like Synhydrid, as well as lubricants, refinery services, and engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) solutions.


In the capacity of a comprehensive technical services distributor, we specialize in crafting product solutions tailored to the specific requirements of manufacturers, suppliers, and clients.


Based in the vicinity of Milan, Italy, Chematek SpA, founded by its current owner and managing director, has evolved into a prominent provider of chemicals and services to the chemical industry. Established in 1980, Chematek has sustained consistent growth and now operates multiple warehouses and has established a network of agents and nine offices worldwide.


The true strength of Chematek lies in its dedicated team, which boasts strong technical expertise and a deep understanding of the intricate demands of the discerning chemical industry. Furthermore, the company remains committed to playing a responsible role in addressing environmental, social, and business-related concerns


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Synhydrid (70%Dihydro-Bis(2-Methoxy Its inherent stability, reactivity and ease of handling even in area’s of high humidity, make it the reagent of choice for organometallic reductions. Synhydrid is selective, and is comparable to DIBAL and TBLAH and is currently used in many cases, to replace LAH and SBH/LBH (with added lewis acid), DIBAL and TBLAH.