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Chaucer Food‘s headquarters is located in the UK and with offices and manufacturing sites worldwide in France, USA, and China. Chaucer’s products are sold to more than 30 countries.


Chaucer Foods (Qingdao) Co.,Ltd is the only subsidiary in China mainland. Its main business is developing, manufacturing and selling Freeze Dried Fruits & Vegetables and Baked Products in APAC. The factories are located in Huangdao Free Trade Zone in Qingdao and Linyi.


Freeze drying technology just remove water from product ,which is very simple process and zero addition so that make Freeze dried product has so many advantages such as Natural bright color, Retention of shape, Crunchy mouth feel, Authentic original flavor, Low moisture, Long shelf life, Low density and Retention of nutrients.


Chaucer produces plentiful variety of freeze dried fruits and different specification such as whole, slice, dice and powder. It can be well applied in Bakery, Fast food, Cereal, Confectionary, Ice cream, Yogurt, New style tea and Coffee, Snack ,etc.


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