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Chaohui Biotek is specialized in manufacturing, marketing and providing continuous technical support to Personal Care industry, our products include toiletries additives and cosmetics additives, such as mild surfactants, high performance conditioners, emulsifiers, microbial fermentation, liposome and deodorant, etc., which enjoy good market in domestic and abroad.


As a national high-tech enterprise, intellectual property advantage enterprise in Guangdong province, since it’s foundation in 2010, the company has been dedicated to develop stable, uniform and reliable products, we have  strict product quality control system, perfect product tracking system and an efficient international logistics platform.


Chaohui Biotek has a well-experienced R&D team with most modern facilities, through innovation School-Enterprise cooperation mode, we have deep cooperation with South China University of Technology (SCUT), intending to take the advantage of its talent and technology resources, and turn into forward-looking technology achievements for our clients.


Chaohui Biotek will keep working on Innovative High Technologies, Distinctive Characteristics, Key Formulation-Designs, satisfying the needs of customers and society.


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