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BMC GROUPE operates across 10 countries, with a particular focus on the Asian and Pacific regions. Their core philosophy revolves around sourcing and offering innovative feed additives and natural products for the animal nutrition industry. Collaborating with manufacturers worldwide, they provide advanced solutions for livestock, aquaculture, pet food, and agro-environment. The company excels at offering customized solutions to clients, combining sales, technical assistance, and a robust network. They actively contribute to the Feed, Farm, and Food sectors, striving to improve feed solutions for greater food production.


BMC GROUPE's approach encompasses a strong commitment to networking, technical expertise, and sales development. They actively identify clients and distributors, share existing networks, and seek synergies. Their technical support includes providing advice, organizing seminars, monitoring trials, and offering regulatory assistance. To enhance sales, they focus on training sales teams, conducting field visits, and developing customized sales tools. These efforts collectively aim to provide improved food solutions and promote greater food production.


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YES - MINERALS ZINC is an ingrediente resulting from the chelation of soluble iron salts with amino acids and partially hydrolyzed protein. It constitutes a fundamental component of hemoglobin, myoglobin and some enzymes, acting directly with cellular respiration. The organic form of this mineral increases its bioavailability.
YES - SINERGY PROTEGG is a minerals, prebiotics, probiotics and vitamins blends. Calcium in organic form is more bioavailable and inhibits the negative interaction of absorption with other inorganic minerals. Increases the deposition of calcium and phosphorus in the formation and strengthening of bones, beak, paw and egg shell. Inhibits the loss of bone matrix from spongy bones and fractures during the onset of egg-laying in young poutry or high production squad.
YES – MINERALS MANGANESE is an ingredient resulting from the chelation of soluble salts of manganese with amino acids and partially hydrolyzed protein. Manganese is an essential mineral in the normal development of animals, as it is part of the essential components of enzymes involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins, reflecting directly on zootechnical indices. In addition, it is important in the synthesis of the organic matrix of bones and in the development of cartilages. The organic form of this mineral increases its bioavailability.
YES MINERALS 360-SWINE is a minerals, prebiotics, probiotics and vitamins blends. Boosts immune responses. Relieves physical and metabolic stress on the animal. Higher productive and reproductive rates. Reduces the risk of anemia in piglets. Antioxidant action.