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Barentz is a global distributor specializing in life science ingredients for human nutrition, pharmaceuticals, personal care, performance materials, and animal nutrition. They leverage their expertise in these diverse fields to create unique synergies and provide tailored solutions.


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E-CRYL® 11

Emulsion polymer

E-CRYL® 11 may be blended into dishwashing liquid by either of two methods. In the first, a   relatively concentrated opacifier is added to a dishwashing liquid that is at or near its final concentration. In the second, the opacifier is added to the water of dilution which is then used to reduce the dishwasher concentration. This gives a very dilute opacifier to which the dishwasher concentrate is added. A key feature is emulsion polymer, high opacity, high compatibility, compatible with mid-range pH systems. Key Performance is adding opacity to light-duty liquid detergent formulations, highly biodegradable, can be used as an opacifier for personal care products and hard surface cleaners, and is compatible with most anionic and nonionic systems.

J-5402G35 is a floor & surface cleaner that appears as colourles translucent liquid. Its additive is used to provide buff ability, black heel resistance, and slip control for floor care products. Also, be used to provide slip control for twine. It is great for when a high degree of slip resistance is needed and ethylene acrylic acid copolymer. A key application for floor care.