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Since 1975 Alzo International has been a leading supplier of specialty ingredients for use in Skin, Beauty, Hair and Sun formulations. Alzo’s products include the Dermol, Bernel, Elefac and Wickenol esters, Necon, Nequat and PolyNecon cationic conditioners, Polyderm polyurethane emollients and NuLastic silicone elastomers. Alzo offers a wide range of unique naturally derived esters and polyesters derived from plant-based sources which have a NOI of 1.00 based on the ISO 16128 standard. These include the recently introduced the BioMade series of natural emollients, emulsifiers and conditioners derived from hempseed oil that provide unique texture and conditioning properties. Dermol SLLC-L, Sodium Lauroyl Lactyalte a natural surfactant in an easy-to-use liquid form provides long-lasting foam, antimicrobial activity and is readily biodegradable. Dermol MBDD, a polyester derived from mangoes and rapeseed oil, adds shine, tack and long-wear properties and is an excellent alternative to petroleum-based film formers such as Polyisobutene. In vitro testing confirms that Dermol MBDD also increases SPF water resistance in sun care formulations. Dermothix polymeric rheology modifiers provide unique film forming, thickening and emulsification as well as adding novel textures and stability in formulations from pH 2-12. Dermothix 100 has been shown to help improve SPF water resistance in sunscreen products. Alzo International is an ISO 9001:2015 company and has been successfully audited against the Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil Supply Chain Certification Standard and is now RSPO SCCS CERTIFIED. In addition, the Alzo facility is a certified Halal establishment.


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Ethylhexyl Isononanoate

Dermol 89 is a very light emollient. It is a branched chain ester, derived from non-linear alcohols and/or acids of vegetables. It is a quick drying alternative to volatile silicones. It can reduce the greasiness of mineral oil and petrolatum bases. Dermol 89 can also reduces tackiness and prevent clogging in aerosols. It binds powders and pigments.

Disteareth-75 Ipdi,Glycereth-7 Caprylate/Capratelycerides,Water

Dermothix 75 L is a water dispersible urethane acting as a non-ionic rheological modifier. It is water dispersible. Dermothix 75 L is a viscosity builder for aqueous systems. It is useful to adjust final viscosity.