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ABITEC, a global leader in specialty lipids and surfactants, collaborates with DKSH to deliver high-quality solutions in solubilization, emulsification, and lubrication. With expertise in bioavailability enhancement and formulation development, ABITEC produces lipid-based excipients to improve the bioavailability of pharmaceutical molecules. Their monograph-compliant lipid excipients adhere to strict cGMP and IPEC guidelines.
ABITEC's diverse portfolio offers functional and nutritional benefits in functional food, supplement, and nutrition markets. They provide bioavailability enhancers, solubilizers, food emulsifiers, and alternative energy sources. Additionally, ABITEC specializes in ester surfactant chemistry, offering mild non-toxic surfactants, solubilizers, couplers, and emollients derived from renewable resources.
With a focus on industries like personal care, cosmetics, cleaning, and lubricants, ABITEC's natural esters and surfactants meet the needs of specialty and industrial markets. They prioritize product safety and aim to exceed the application demands of the pharmaceutical, nutritional, and specialty chemical industries.
With over 50 years of experience, ABITEC remains at the forefront of advanced lipid technologies. Their commitment to customer service and innovative solutions ensures clients can find tailored answers for their industry requirements. Through collaboration with DKSH, ABITEC enhances its reach and capability to provide exceptional products and support to customers.

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NUTRI SPERSE® MCT 50 POWDER is a blend of ingredients providing a high level of medium chain triglycerides supplied as a free-flowing powder that is very easy to blend at ambient temperatures. Nutri Sperse MCT 50 Powder can be used to the medium-chain triglyceride content desired. The product can be used in dry mixes, bakery applications, sauces, and beverages and is dispersible in cold or hot environments.
NUTRI SPERSE® HOSO M Beverage Base provides an excellent fat base to use in Kosher Paerve applications, trans fat free applications, and allergenfree applications. It is designed for use in nutritional, industrial, food applications or as an alternative to the use of hydrogenated oils. It is a good fat source for dry mixes or anywhere a dry-fat source is required and where liquid oil cannot be used.
CAPTEX® 355 is manufactured by the esterification of glycerin and caprylic/capric fatty acids which originate from vegetable sources (typically palm, palm kernel and/or coconut).