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Vitamin C60 BioResearch Natural-Derived Fullerene – A new era of anti-aging

Understanding Aging and Oxidative Stress' Impact on Skin

Oxidative stress caused by reactive oxygen species (ROS) plays a major role in the visible signs of skin aging. As we age, our skin faces daily assaults from ROS that generate cascading reactions and cumulative damage. Neutralizing these harmful free radicals can help counteract their impact on skin health and appearance.


Fullerene – the discovery of which was Nobel Prize-winning chemistry - is a unique spherical molecule composed entirely of carbon that has remarkable free radical scavenging abilities. So potent is this ability that it has been described as a ‘free-radical sponge’, giving it exceptional capacity to detoxify ROS and protect skin from oxidative damage. By harnessing the potential of this powerful antioxidant, fullerene holds promise as a new era in anti-aging skincare.


The Unique Properties of Fullerence

"Probably the most beautiful symmetry of any molecule that's ever been discovered."

Sir Martyn Poliakoff, University of Nottingham


Potent, Stable Antioxidant

Compared to Vitamin C, Fullerene exhibits over 250 times the antioxidant activity, and crucially, it maintains this activity remarkably well after exposure to UVB radiation.


Strong Antioxidant Activity


Stable to Ultraviolet


Multifaceted Anti-ROS Activity

The anti-oxidation mechanism of Fullerene is not limited to one reaction; instead, Fullerene shows multiple pathways and, in comparison to some antioxidants, shows no pro-oxidative effect.


The key to Radiant Skin

The potent, multi-pathway activity of Fullerene together with its inherent stability make it the ideal solution for everyday skin protection and enhancement.


Introducing Fullerene from Vitamin C60 BioResearch Corporation

Decades of research and development culminated in VC60 BioResearch Corporation's 2020 introduction of the world's first plant-based fullerenes, produced through a proprietary, sustainable, cost-effective, and prolific process. This makes the everyday use of fullerenes a practical option as their full potential continues to be discovered.


VC60 BioResearch Corporation's Fullerene is derived from Japanese Cedar sourced from FSC certified managed forests, making it a potent, sustainable, and eco-friendly cosmetic active. It is available in various formats to support formulation and end-product flexibility, including water-soluble, oil-soluble, powder, and liposomal precursor forms.


The effectiveness of VC60 Fullerene is supported by extensive clinical and ex-vivo/in-vitro data, demonstrating the potent anti-aging potential of this truly innovative cosmetic ingredient.


Reach out to DKSH, VC60 Bio Research Corporation's strategic partner, to learn more about their Fullerene. For instance, LipoFullereneN is specifically designed for oil-rich cosmetics, while Moist FullereneN is an ideal choice to combine with CoQ10 or retinol to create a cosmetic for improving skin sagging and providing a moisturizing effect. To learn more, please click here.



Chris Ridgewell is General Manager, Personal Care Industry at DKSH Australia. With more than 25 years-experience in the FMCG and specialty chemicals industries, Chris connects global manufacturers with leading Australian companies in the personal care, home care, and institutional sectors to support product innovation and operational excellence.


Joel Forsyth is the Business Line Manager overseeing the Personal Care Industry at DKSH New Zealand. Joel's motivation is to connect New Zealand manufacturers with Global suppliers of cutting-edge personal care ingredients, spurring innovation and facilitating successful product launches. His passion for sustainability and commitment to client satisfaction drive him to make a positive impact and foster lasting collaborations in the personal care and industrial cleaning markets.

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