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Return of the Color

While women are eager to resume their pre-pandemic routines, there is also a newfound interest in experimentation and self-expression. More than just returning to past habits, women are looking for colors that reflect their personalities.


At the same time, there is growing demand for ethically sourced, sustainable products with clean, natural ingredients.


As a leader in the industry, DKSH understands these evolving trends and has developed a unique make up DIY concept to meet them. The DIY concept allows the creation of thousands of potential shades, helping women worldwide find their ideal personalized palette.


Made with two major bases - a vegan glossy lip base and a matte all-in-one base - it's simple but effective. By blending the bases in varying percentages with specialized pigment concentrates, DKSH empowers businesses to mix-and-match and develop signature colors for today’s women.


Let us introduce some of our top trendy color formulations:


1/ Sustainable orange concentrate


Hero Ingredients:


· BUAH MERAH OIL: Crude oil with a positive social impact on local community, unique composition full of antioxidants, EFA, and vitamins, COSMOS certification.

· OLIVE SQUALENE WAXES: Skin protection, structuring, soothing, COSMOS, and Upcycled certified.


2/Deep magenta concentrate and Bloody Mary concentrate


Hero Ingredients:


· APPLECARE PDS-300: A very effective natural pigment dispersant to reduce dispersion viscosity. Impressive efficacy requires only 5-8% by weight of pigments. COSMOS approved.


Businesses may collaborate with DKSH to create products that enable women the creative freedom to choose their distinctive colours while satisfying their demands for sustainable, useful color cosmetics. Contact us today to develop solutions that are adapted to current market trends in the post-pandemic market

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