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Hybrid Skin Care with Sytheon - The Effective Multifunctional Active Ingredients based on Scientific Study

Embracing Skinimalism and Multitasking Beauty Solutions


In an era where "Hybrid," "Convenience," "Skinification," "Multi-use," and particularly "Skinimalism" dominate global beauty trends, the demand for multifunctional products is rising. A recent study by Mintel shows that 69 percent of women in the US who use makeup express interest in products that offer more than one benefit. In the UK, 56percent of makeup buyers prioritize longevity, while 57 percent of Thai consumers seek makeup foundation that also provides skin protection.


It is becoming increasingly common to find SPF integrated into skincare and makeup products. For example, 31 percent of UK suncare buyers are interested in products that protect skin's microbiota, while US consumers want probiotic-infused sunscreen. Furthermore, nearly half (47 percent) of Chinese women aged 30-39 with sensitive skin prefer sunscreen that helps repair the skin barrier. This shift is evident from the products launched in 2022, where 34 percent were foundations or fluid illuminators with SPF, and 8 percent were face or neck care solutions with SPF.


Introducing Sytheon: A Pioneer in Performance-Driven Active Ingredients


Sytheon, as a strategic partner of DKSH Performance Materials, is a leading research-based company committed to developing high-performance active ingredients for the personal care industry since 2006. With its global headquarters in the US and subsidiaries in France and Singapore, Sytheon is dedicated to harnessing the power of nature through scientific innovation.


Every active ingredient in the Sytheon portfolio is inspired by nature and “Built for Performance.” All active ingredients are scientifically and clinically validated to improve the health and beauty of the skin. In line with their top ingredient Sytenol®A (Bakuchiol), Sytheon offers ingredients that fight against the effects of aging and pollution, promote hydration, and provide solutions to enhance the skin's defences against internal and external stressors.

New Trends, New Solutions: Sytheon's Latest Innovations


  1. Sunscreen Formulation with Synoxyl HSS: A lightweight SPF booster offering a cooling sensation upon application. 



Discover the full ingredient list here

  1. Chewy Lip Blush with VitaSynol C: A solid, matte red lip product that combines aesthetics with skincare benefits.


View the whole ingredient list here


  1. O2 Powder Foundation with HydraSynol DOI: This foundation not only perfects the skin's appearance but also enhances its health.



Additional standout ingredients in O2 Powder Foundation:

  • 8HT-TS :
    • Compatible with a variety of oils
    • Leaves skin feeling soft & smooth
    • Enhanced dispersion
    • Excellent hydrophobic
  • Serenityl Biofunctional:
    • Increase skin detoxification and eliminate internal toxins
    • Boost skin oxygenation and rosiness while improving skin wellness during skin stress conditions
    • It can be used at night or during the day to help skin look radiant and healthy
  • Beauté by Roquette® SA 130 :
    • Inhibition of bacteria proliferation - it inhibits culibacterium acnes ATCC 11827 strain responsible for acne
    • Limitation of pores clogging
    • Reduction of sebum level
    • Reduction of imperfections
    • Natural alternative to salicylic acid
    • Very well tolerated by skin

Discover the full ingredient list here


  1. Glamorous Stick Balm with HydraSynol DOI

Beside, HydraSynol DOI, other top ingredients in Glamorous Stick Balm:

  • Belsil® PF 100 :
    • Imparts a high level of sheen to hair and leaves it feeling pleasantly soft to the touch and easier to comb
    • Enhances gloss and color brilliance; the sheen of hair oils can be given a particularly high boost by combining it with a silicone elastomer gel
    • It is virtually free of cyclic silicone oligomers
  • Bodyflux® Olive :
    • Improves epidermal moisturization
    • Ceramide complex with skin barrier strengthening properties
    • Sustainable production process using organic olive oil with Mediterranean origin
    • COSMOS approved
  • Antaron Soja Glyceride:
    • Water resistant, mineral-tolerant, and boosts SPF
    • Nature-derived, non-GMO, biodegradable, vegan, and nonmicroplactic film-forming agent
    • Cold processible and easy-to-use grade and provides transfer resistance and imparts non-greasy and cushiony skin feel

Discover the full ingredient list here


  1. Vitamin Infused Emulsion Lip Tint with HydraSynol DOI:

Not only nourishes and protects the lips, but also offer a plumping effect. Additional standout ingredients:

  • ATPeptide IS:
    • Supports maintenance of ATP levels (in vitro)
    • Increases levels of intracellular calcium (in vitro)
    • Helps lipolysis (in vitro)
  • Peptide VinciTM 02:
    • Dermal imparts repair and long lasting
    • Enhances generation shine
    • Proven to plump lips
  • Rovisome ACE NG:
    • Combination of encapsulated antioxidant vitamins
    • Nourishes the skin with essential vitamins and protects against free radicals

Discover the full ingredient list here




Sytheon's commitment to innovation and quality makes it an outstanding option for those seeking ingredients to enhance the effectiveness of their beauty products. For a deeper dive into their offerings or to consult on multiple-effect skin care solutions, contact DKSH Performance Materials today.



Sales of colour cosmetics to hit £2 billion in 2017 (mintel.com)

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