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Unlock Localized Beauty Success with DKSH

Meeting Rising Demand for Localized Beauty

Consumer demand for locally-sourced, sustainable beauty products is on the rise globally. “Made locally” is always one of the most important factors that makes a beauty product sustainable in consumers’ eyes. Both brand owners and consumers benefit greatly when local sensitivities are considered in product sourcing and development.


At DKSH, we recognize the growing consumer desire for locally-relevant beauty products and empower brands to capitalize on key local focus opportunities:

  • Environmental Awareness: With sustainability top of mind for consumers, we advise clients to select ingredients and develop products that demonstrate environmental responsibility. This enables brands to match consumer expectations while also marketing themselves as environmentally conscientious.
  • Local Sourcing and Production: Sourcing ingredients locally shortens the supply chain, reduces carbon emissions from transportation, and supports local industry. By emphasizing their usage of local sources, brands can position themselves as community supporters.
  • Supporting Local Businesses: Purchasing from regional suppliers creates jobs and circulates revenues locally. Brands can highlight the beneficial economic impact they have on local communities and entrepreneurs.
  • Emotional Connection: Products rooted in local heritage and culture build authentic emotional connections with consumers seeking localized experiences. Leverage cultural traditions and backstories to foster affinity.
  • Transparency and Ethics: Clear communication about ethical practices meets consumer demands for ingredient traceability and manufacturing transparency. Proactively convey ethically sound sourcing and operations.
  • Innovation and Customization: Develop formulas, packaging and messaging tailored specifically to local consumer preferences and beauty demands. Spotlight customization as catering directly to target consumers.


Localized Excellence in Action: Handmade Heroes and Bakuchiol

A prime example is DKSH’s collaboration with Handmade Heroes in Singapore. Seeking a natural hero ingredient to differentiate themselves from competitors, DKSH recommended Sytenol A Bakuchiol to Handmade Heroes. Sytenol A Bakuchiol is a natural alternative to retinol that was developed by Sytheon, a research-based firm with one primary location in Singapore that develops high-performance active ingredients for the personal care sector.


A well-defined compound with over 99 percent purity, Sytenol A Bakuchiol has been clinically demonstrated to reduce hyperpigmentation and wrinkles as efficiently as retinol, but with a better skin tolerance. Bakuchiol promotes cell turnover by boosting collagen production and reducing fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity, and general photodamage.


With DKSH’s expertise in providing local market research data, consumer trends, insights into the ingredients.and logistic supply chain, Handmade Heroes successfully launched the bakuchiol booster oil in Malaysia in 2020. The locally-sourced formula became an Amazon Choice product and won a Harper's Bazaar award in 2021.



Localization is critical for beauty brands seeking sustainable growth and meaningful local connections today. With in-depth expertise in consumer insights, ingredient sourcing, product development, and market execution, DKSH is the ideal strategic partner to unlock localized excellence. Brands can optimize their consumer appeal and performance in any market by leveraging our entire range of services, wide networks, and proven experience driving local relevance. Don't leave localization to chance; contact DKSH today to engage with customers strategically and make your local objectives for expansion a reality.

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