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Safeguarding Pharmaceuticals: DKSH's Cutting-Edge Partnerships for Packaging Excellence

The packaging materials used for medicines and dietary supplements serve an important role in protecting these products against external factors that may alter their properties, such as biological contamination, and physical damage. Packaging materials should also carry accurate product information and identification, be tamper-evident, child-resistant, and prevent counterfeiting. These materials must also be non-toxic and FDA certified.


DKSH is a leading company in this sector, collaborating with numerous of reliable suppliers.


  1. Perlen Packaging

Perlen Packaging, founded in 1954 in Switzerland, produces innovative and high-quality packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical business.  They also put up their new state of the art plant in China to cater the Asian market.  Their top products include PVC/PVdC barrier films with outstanding oxygen and moisture barrier properties comparable to metallized films. PVdC is also resistant to chemicals such as grease and oil. As a result, it helps to extend the shelf life of products and is ideal for home wrap, food, medical, and pharmaceutical packaging.


Perlen Packaging offers medium to ultra-high barrier specifications to meet all requirements in moisture, oxygen, and aroma. All of these specifications are applicable to all commonly used blister machines and packing processes. Perlen Packaging's PVdC is 100% Pharma Focus, and all requirements are available in transparent, opaque, or color.


In summary, Perlen Packaging is a true leader in PVdC due to:

  • State-of-the-art PVdC coating line and slitting machines.
  • 100% camera inspection and fully integrated SAP system.
  • Building and production areas according to latest GMP standards.
  • ISO 15378 GMP / ISO 9001 QM System
  • US FDA DMF No.’s / CFDA: Import Licenses and CDE Registrations
  • Japanese Ministry of Health: Labor and Welfare Notification No. 370
  • Cleanroom ISO 14644 Class 8 (D), microbiological lab

Learn more about Perlen Packaging's PVdC here.


  1. Avesta

Avesta is another top manufacturer of flexible packaging material in Indonesia, offering a variety of foils. As an example:

  • Blister foils, which are typical used in blister packs, help in the preservation of medicine efficacy, safety, and quality.
  • Paper-based 4 layered strip foils, which are comprise four layers of different materials, including paper, aluminum foil, adhesive, and polymer, to provide better product protection.
  • Laminated flex foils, which are made by laminating multiple layers of different materials together, typically including plastic films, aluminum foil, and adhesives.

Based on businesses' specific needs, Avesta foils can be modified to guarantee the best products' protection from environmental and other factors. Other details about Avesta’s foils can found here


  1. Gerresheimer

Gerresheimer is a new DKSH’s partner that offers a broad portfolio of highly competitive pharmaceutical ampoules in type I pharma glass, which are used for various purposes. Their product portfolio includes straight-stem, funnel-type and closed ampoules of ISO types B, C, and D with various break systems such as OPC (One Point Cut), CBR (Color Break Ring), and Score Ring. In addition to the ISO norms, customized shapes are available on request.

More information on Gerresheimer's clear/amber glass can be found here.


In conclusion, it is impossible to understate the importance of using high-quality and safe packing materials for pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements. These materials protect the products from various external factors that could compromise their efficacy, safety, and quality. DKSH has partnered with top manufacturers, including Perlen Packaging, Avesta, and Gerresheimer to provide innovative and reliable packaging solutions to our customers. With their commitment to GMP standards, FDA certification, and other regulations, as well as DKSH's expertise in the industry, we are dedicated to ensuring the highest quality and safety of pharmaceutical packaging materials.



Marietta N. Portllo 

Local Business Line Manager-Pharmaceuticals Industry, Philippines 

Email: [email protected]

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