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Autumn-Winter 2024-2025 Color Trends

Mar 7, 2024

Leading and defining trends surpass merely following them. As a premier supplier of innovative pigments, Eckart Asia aims to shape color trends for Autumn-Winter 2024-2025 by creating three distinct palettes that reflect deeper societal moods. Let's explore the enclosed avant-garde color formulations featuring unique effect pigments and connect with experts for specific trend advice. Capture the essence of next season with these innovative sets that may be combined with a variety of cosmetics. Take the lead in defining the inspiring looks that will attract your clients this coming cool season.


  1. "Beautiful Days" Collection:

As summer fades, shorter days and cooler temperatures gently usher in the season's coziness. The "Beautiful Days" collection, featuring SYNCRYSTAL SUPERNOVA pigments, highlights autumn's splendid variety. With PURABYK-R 5510 as the key ingredient, it introduces violet and gold as the collection's primary colors, encouraging us to embrace every day's beauty, regardless of the weather. Just as an umbrella brightens a rainy day, the vibrant hues of violet and gold serve as the ultimate mood enhancers during the season:



Embrace the outdoors and the season's changing beauty with:

  • Liquid Liner in Autumn Mood: Composed of 9% SYNCRYSTAL Soft Black, 7% SYNCRYSTAL Supernova Red, and 2.5% PURABYK-R 5510, it captures the essence of autumn.


For a touch of elegance:

  • Nail Polish - Oh Wow: Incorporates 2% Visionaire bright splendid Red 34, 2% SYNCRYSTAL Supernova Red, and 5% Red 34 (CL 15880) for a vibrant berry color.
  • Nail Polish - Wonderful Sunset: Blends 4% SYNCRYSTAL Supernova Orange, 0.8% Silverdream L-55350, and 4% Red 34 (Cl 15880) for a stunning sunset-inspired hue.
  • Nail Polish - Time for Wine: Features 4% SYNCRYSTAL Supernova Red and 5% Red 34 (Cl 15880) for a rich, wine-red finish.


Conclude your day with:


  1. "Believe in Yourself" Collection


This collection emphasizes green for hope and positivity. It showcases SYNCRYSTAL Soft Ivory for a seamless blend across various products:


  • Satiny Lipstick - Be Happy: 10% SYNCRYSTAL Copper, 8% SYNCRYSTAL Soft Ivory, 20% TIXOGEL-VSP.
  • Creamy Eye Shadow Triple - Stay Strong: 22.5% SYNCRYSTAL Jade, 3% Blue 1 Lake (CI 42090), 1.5% Yellow 5 Lake (CI 19140), 19% TIXOGEL-CCT.
  • Creamy Eye Shadow Triple - Dance More: 16% SYNCRYSTAL Turquoise, 11% SYNCRYSTAL Soft Black, 19% TIXOGEL-CCT.
  • Creamy Eye Shadow Triple - Laugh Loud: 10% SYNCRYSTAL Soft Ivory, 9% SYNCRYSTAL Silver, 8% SYNCRYSTAL Green, 19% TIXOGEL-CCT.
  • Eye Wow Pen - I'm Powerful: 12% SYNCRYSTAL Soft Black, 11% SYNCRYSTAL Almond, 22% TIXOGEL-CCT.
  • Nail Polish - Create Miracles!: 3% VISIONAIRE Bright Silver Sea, 2% SYNCRYSTAL Jade, 7% Yellow 5 (CI 19140), 1% Ferric Amm. Ferro. (CI 77510).
  • Nail Polish - Catch Your Dreams!: 2% SYNCRYSTAL Soft Ivory, 2% SYNCRYSTAL Almond, 1% SYNCRYSTAL Jade.
  • Nail Polish - Don’t Worry!: 4% SYNCRYSTAL Turquoise, 2% SYNCRYSTAL Soft Ivory, 3% Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891).
  • Nail Polish - Keep the Faith!: 4% SYNCRYSTAL Jade, 2% SYNCRYSTAL Soft Black, 0.7% Yellow 5 (CI 19140), 5% Ferric Amm. Ferro. (CI 77510).
  • Luminizer - Good Vibes Only: 6% SYNCRYSTAL Red, 2% SYNCRYSTAL Soft Ivory, 8% SYNAFIL S1050, 2.5% CLAYTONE-VP V XR, 28% TIXOGEL-DMC.


This collection inspires confidence and self-belief, combining unique pigments for a vibrant, hopeful Outlook


  1. "Better Together" Collection:

The "Better Together" Collection is themed around the joy and warmth of togetherness during the winter season. It underscores the idea that sharing time with loved ones is the most precious gift. This collection features an array of makeup products incorporating unique effect pigments like SYNCRYSTAL Rose Opal and MIRAGE Holo Magic, as well as the versatile SYNCRYSTAL Soft family. It offers a range of choices suitable for achieving either a nude or glamorous look, catering to various preferences and highlighting the beauty of shared moments:


  • 10% MIRAGE Holo Magic, 3.3% SYNCRYSTAL Soft Copper, 0.7% SYNCRYSTAL Soft Black, 18% TIXOGEL-CCT.
  • Lip Gloss - Glisten & Glow: 5% SYNCRYSTAL Rose Opal, 3.5% SYNCRYSTAL Almond, 13% TIXOGEL-DMC.
  • Compact Eye Shadow - Enjoy the Times: 24% SYNCRYSTAL Soft Black, 16% SYNCRYSTAL Rose Opal, 30% SYNAFIL S1050, 2% CLAYTONE-VP V XR.
  • Compact Eye Shadow - Make Memories: 19% SYNCRYSTAL Rose Opal, 16% SYNCRYSTAL Soft Peach, 5% SYNCRYSTAL Soft Black, 30% SYNAFIL S1050, 2% CLAYTONE-VP V XR.
  • Compact Eye Shadow - Collect Moments: 34% SYNCRYSTAL Sapphire, 6% SYNCRYSTAL Soft Black, 30% SYNAFIL S1050, 2% CLAYTONE-VP V XR.
  • Nail Polish - Coffee Date: 3.5% SYNCRYSTAL Rose Opal, 3% SYNCRYSTAL Soft Bronze, 3% Ferric Amm. Ferro. (CI 77510) 10%.
  • Nail Polish - Friendship Trip: 4% SYNCRYSTAL Rose Opal, 3% SYNCRYSTAL Soft Copper, 2.5% SYNCRYSTAL Sapphire.
  • Nail Polish - Candlelight Night: 5% MIRAGE Holo Magic, 3% SYNCRYSTAL Rose Opal, 0.5% SYNCRYSTAL Fire-Red.


This collection invites sharing memorable moments with loved ones, highlighted by the unique effects of SYNCRYSTAL and MIRAGE pigments for Autumn and Winter 2024-2025.


To explore these innovative color formulas and seek assistance from experts, please log into your DKSH site and contact us. Be the pioneer the color trends for the Autumn and Winter seasons of 2024-2025, and providing a comprehensive array of cutting-edge color solutions and makeup innovations for customers.