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Popular Food Routines Promoting Beauty from Within


There has been a sharp rise in the consumption of health supplements over the past two years since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Even though the impact of the virus is slowly weakening in some parts of the world, interest in vitamins and well-being products has been getting stronger.



Consumers' overall knowledge of nutritional ingredients and supplements has also increased. With more time to research and educate themselves about nutrients that can boost immunity, consumers are a lot savvier when it comes to health and wellness solutions. One of the promising areas in this space is “beauty-from-within”. Here are three beauty routines promoting beauty from within.



A Healthy Mix for Radiant Skin


We know that diet, lifestyle, and emotional well-being play a part in the appearance of our skin. When we look back to moments of stress or when we have eaten too much junk food, we notice that our skin is directly affected, either in the form of acne, dullness, or extra sensitivity. Therefore, topical skincare is no longer sufficient for healthy, radiant, and glowing skin. Consumers have realized that adding ingestible supplements can provide more well-rounded care for their skin.
However, it is important to note that healthy skin does not result from one nutrient alone. A well-balanced nutrition plan and general well-being with sufficient sleep work together to provide healthy skin, among other beauty benefits. This is also why we now see supplement products sold with sleep improvement claims.
According to Mintel, 45 percent of Chinese consumers are interested in beauty drinks from beverage manufacturers. 52 percent of those surveyed in Brazil agree that drinks with anti-aging properties are on top of their list, while 51 percent of consumers in Thailand are attracted to food and drink products that enhance their skin's appearance.
Consumers’ growing appetite for edible beauty products has seen a wave of new product launches in the food, drink, and supplement industry, with a 49 percent increase across the APAC region in the past three years. After supplements, the top food and drink categories with beauty claims are teas, meal replacements, dairy, snacks, and other drinks such as fruit and flavored drinks.



A Call for Collagen


Collagen makes up one-third of the total protein in the body and is one of the most important extracellular matrix components that retain water and support smooth, firm, and strong skin. Collagen gives skin elasticity and strength. As we age, we produce less collagen, causing our skin's integrity to decline. Factors such as UV rays from sunlight and even smoking can also accelerate collagen degradation.
Numerous studies have shown a positive effect on the skin from oral supplementation of collagen, such as improved skin elasticity, hydration, softness, and density. According to researchandmarkets.com, the global collagen supplement market was valued at over USD 1.8 billion in 2019 and is projected to exceed USD 3 billion by 2027, registering a growth of 6.9 percent.
The most popular food and drink products with collagen are nutritional beverages, followed by dairy products, jellies, and hot drinks. While for vitamins and supplements, the standard forms include powders, tablets, and liquids. Supplements are most often formulated together with vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and to a lesser extent, vitamin E, berry extracts, and antioxidants.



Hydration is Key


Proper hydration is essential not only for our physical well-being but also for our skin. As our cells are composed primarily of water, a sufficient intake of H2O contributes to the efficient functioning of our cells and tissues and improves blood flow to our skin.
Aside from water, various natural fruit juices are good options for hydration as they are filled with vitamins and antioxidants. Fruit juices with hydrolyzed collagen can be super-functional drinks. Some extracts are a source of vitamin C, especially citrus fruits, and are even known to boost the body's natural collagen production.
Fruits and vegetables high in antioxidants such as blueberries, beetroot, and other plant-based extracts such as Sakura extracts, are often paired with vitamins and minerals like vitamin C and zinc to promote a healthy, glowing, radiant complexion.


Consumers have shifted their focus towards a more holistic approach to healthcare and appearance. Traditional eastern self-care routines that focus on eating right for radiant skin are increasingly being adopted by the West.

Products that support beauty from within have opened new opportunities for the food, beverage, and nutrition industry. DKSH's team of technical specialists collaborates across borders to develop solutions for companies to explore these untapped opportunities.

Contact us to learn more about our innovative ingredients that cater to the latest nutrition and food supplements trends.


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