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Food & Beverage Ingredients Trends 2022


What we see?


  • APAC, had a rise in plant-based foods
  • In the past year, the top category of product launch with alternative protein are processed fish, meat and egg (54.35%).


Why It Matters?


  • Consumer’s health awareness, ethics, environmentalism, and food safety
  • Concerned by global epidemics and food safety, consumers are more selective


 25% expected increased in the market size for plant-based meat to US$1.7 billion from 2020-2025.  



Global Meat Substitute Market


  • Europe dominate 3.8%of global meat substitute market in 2017
  • Asia-Pacific projected to register highest CAGR at 9.3%
  • Meat substitutes include tofu, tempeh, vegetable protein, microalgae and other organic sources
  • APAC is becoming a rising market for plant based meat substitutes targeting “flexitarian” dieters, with a significant increase in demand for plant based food in key markets in APAC (India, China, Japan, Thailand).


Consumers Continue to Move Towards Flexitarian or Plant Based Diets


  • 23% of global consumers are trying to limit their intake of meat
  • 16% of global consumers are trying to follow a plant-based diet
  • 15% of global consumers are trying to limit their intake of dairy
  • 6% of global consumers follow a plant-based/flexitarian diet


Consumers Look for Diets To Build Immunity Health


Post COVID-19, Consumers tend to focus more on preventive health measures, following high protein, plant-based diets to build and support immunity health.


Relevant Ingredients for Plant-Based Meat

Relevant ingredients to achieve customer satisfaction for:

  • Texture
  • Taste
  • Flavor
  • Appearance
  • Nutrition and Health Benefit
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