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Addapt Chemicals: Leading Sustainable Chemistry Solutions on DKSH Discover

In today’s modern industry, seeking sustainable solutions is not just trendy but also crucial Introducing Addapt Chemicals, a leader in sustainable chemistry currently making a wave on DKSH Discover, our customer-focused platform. Addapt Chemicals is a company that combines creativity and eco-awareness to offer a range of goods designed to contribute to a more sustainable future. Let’s explore their range of eco-friendly additives that revolutionize industries while minimizing our environmental impact.


Defining Sustainable Chemistry

Sustainable chemistry is a scientific approach that maximizes the use of natural resources to meet our needs for chemical products and services. This involves the creation, production, and utilization of chemicals and processes that are efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly.


Sustainable Additives Portfolio:

  1. Corrosion Inhibitors - Anticor™:
  • Anticor™ A40: A biodegradable, label-free corrosion inhibitor that effectively preventing rust in water-based system
  • Anticor™ L295: A multipurpose, water-soluble anti-corrosion additive that works well with a range of metal substrates
  • Anticor™ EDA 50: Suitable for wire EDM machines that keep rust from growing without clogging filters


  1. Wetting, Levelling and Open Time Improvers – BioWet™:
  • BioWet™ 25, 25L, 50L, 55L: Solvent-free and biodegradable wetting agents and adhesion boosters for multiple uses
  • BioWet™ 450C: Reduces flaws by improving open-time and flow in renderings and textured masonry finishes


  1. Defoamer /Anti-Foam/Deaerator - Foamstop™:
  • Foamstop™ CCB, VF 10N, VF 35N, EM 19: VOC-free foam control agents for emulsion systems, derived from renewable resources


  1. (Co)-Dispersants - CODIS™ & ADDISP™:
  • CODIS™ BIO: Neutralization agent providing effective pH control without VOC/SVOC contributions
  • ADDISP™ 550, 850, ECO: Solvent-free pigment dispersants and wetting agents, biodegradable and VOC-free


  1. Stabilized Silicate Solutions - SilStab™:
  • Potassium silicate solutions that are highly stabilized, VOC-free and improve renders stability, coatings, and paints.
  • Variants like SilStab™ L100 and SilStab™ HL+ provide tailored solutions for specific applications.


Embracing Sustainability Through Innovation

Addapt Chemicals focuses on making eco-friendly products and is committed to sustainability at every stage of the process. They ensure that their solutions are good for the environment from start to finish. DKSH and Addapt collaborate to simplify businesses' transition to eco-friendly practices without compromising quality or effectiveness.


Unlocking Sustainable Potential

Addapt Chemicals stands out on the path toward sustainability with its innovative approach. Their eco-friendly additives help industries to reduce their impact on the environment without compromising on quality or effectiveness. With DKSH Discover, these game-changing solutions are easily accessible, paving the way for a greener tomorrow.


Every step we take towards sustainability is significant. Explore Addapt Chemicals’ eco-friendly additives on DKSH Discover to make choices that benefit both your business and the environment. Start shaping a sustainable future today with Addapt Chemicals’ innovative solutions.

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