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S&M PROPYLPARABEN comprises a single active ingredient and has broad-spectrum efficacy. This crystalline powder is a powerful preservative even at low use concentrations, and is stable across a broad pH and temperature range. S&M PROPYLPARABEN is fully effective both in anionic as well as cationic systems. Acidic pH Effective pH < 8


S&M METHYLPARABEN is fully effective both in anionic as well as cationic systems. It is proved to have good chemical compatibility with anionic surfactants such as sulphates, ether sulphates and sulphosuccinates, as well as with non-ionogenic surfactants. Ethoxylated surfactants may lead to loss of effectiveness. Effective pH < 8 Max temperature 80ºC
BLANOSE SODIUM CARBOXYMETHYLCELLULOSE by Ashland Specialty Chemical acts as a thickener. It is an anionic polymer made by reacting sodium monochloroacetate with alkalicellulose under rigidly controlled conditions. It is used for water binding and syneresis control. It has the ability to suspend pigments and active ingredients in solution. 

Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose

BENECEL E10M by Ashland Specialty Chemical acts as a thickening, foam booster & stabilizer, water binder, film forming, co-suspending and co-emulsifying agent. It is a high purity, water-soluble, non-ionic cellulose ether produced from cellulose. It is compatible with all commonly used surfactants and provides optical clarity. It provides non-tacky skin after-feel.