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Wanhua Chemical Group Co. Ltd. is among the global leading suppliers of chemical innovative products. Relying on the continuous innovation, commercialized facilities and efficient operation, the company provides customers with more competitive products and solutions.


Wanhua Chemical has always been adhering to innovation and optimizing industrial structure. Our business covers polyurethanes, petrochemicals, performance chemicals and emerging materials. The industries include homeware and furniture, sports and leisure, automobiles and transportation, building and construction, electronics and electrical appliances, personal care, and green energy.


Wanhua Chemical has built up six key production complexes in Yantai, Ningbo, Sichuan, Fujian, and Zhuhai in China, and Hungary, which are integrated with complete supporting facilities. To provide our customers worldwide with competitive products and comprehensive solutions, Wanhua has established R&D centers in Yantai, Ningbo, and Beijing in China, as well as in North America and Europe, set up subsidiaries and offices in more than ten countries and regions including Europe, the United States, and Japan.


Wanhua Chemical will take "Advancing Chemistry, Transforming Lives” as the first mission, we are committed to providing customers with stable, high-quality, competitive products and efficient services, and to being a responsible supplier and industry leader. We will continue to innovate in the field of chemical new materials, lead the development of the industry, and create a better life for mankind!



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ANTKOTE 2033 is a hydroxyfunctional polyacrylic dispersion designed for machinery, vehicle, and anticorrosion coating. In combination with polyisocyanates or other crosslinkers, it can be used for two-component coating. It also can be used for one component baking coating with amino resins or blocked polyisocyanates. Approx. 46% in water/solvent naphtha 100/2-butoxy ethanol, approx. 44:4:4. Neutralizing agent, N,N-dimethyl ethanolamine(<2wt%), bound as a salt.
CRYSOL 6512 is an aliphatic, hydroxyfunctional polyurethane dispersion that is used as a binder for the formulation of soft-feel coatings, especially suitable for the plastic shell of mobile phones, laptops, mouse or other electronic products.
ANTKOTE 2365 is a water soluble hydroxyl acrylic copolymer designed for glass baking coatings. Combined with amino resins, it can be used for high-performance applications, like wine bottles and other glassworks. Approx. 50% in water/ alcohol/ diethylene glycol butyl ether, neutralized with 2-dimethylethanolamine, ratio approx. 19:13:13:5.
LACPER4700 is an OH-functional acrylic copolymer emulsion. It’s designed for 2K wood coating combined with polyisocyanate hardener with fast drying, good sandability, hardness and chemical resistance. Biocide: CMIT/MIT 3:1 10ppm, and MIT 200ppm.