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Galactic is one of the world's leading producers of lactic acid and its derivatives for over 30 years. 


Through a fermentation process of sugar and non-GMO microorganisms, we pride ourselves on developing a broad range of natural antimicrobials and ingredients, all dedicated to food and non-food producers. 


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GALACID EXCEL 30 LAFTL30 is a natural L(+) lactic acid produced by fermentation from sugar.Fully transparent and has a mild acid taste. It is widely used as an acidulant for preservation and flavor enhancement in various food applications.

GALIMAX FLAVOR V-100 POWDER is a natural white distilled vinegar in highly soluble powder form. GALIMAX FLAVOR V-100 POWDER has a mild taste, does not impact the sensory profile of finished products and displays strong antimicrobial properties.


GALIMAX FLAVOR V-100 POWDER is used as natural and label-friendly antimicrobial ingredient in food applications. Vinegar (acetic acid) is often used as an acidifier in many food applications. This acid is very effective against bacteria, yeasts & moulds growth, but the product has an unpleasant taste and smell. Galactic has developed a unique process to further ferment vinegar to enhance the product's natural preservation function without the sensory issues encountered by regular vinegar. Food spoilage is caused by the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, yeasts and molds.


The main preservatives used to inhibit such growth benzoates and sorbates (sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate), which attract e-numbers. Galimax Flavor V-100, cleanly labeled as Vinegar, can effectively replace these preservatives. Galimax Flavor V-100 is a white distilled vinegar in highly soluble powder form. The product's mild taste, does not impact the sensory profile of finished products and displays strong antimicrobial properties in a range of applications.


Galimax Flavor V-100 is effective in a range of applications including Meat, Ready Meals, Plant-Based Foods, Seafood, Condiments, Sauces, and more. Galimax Flavor V-100 is easy to use, does not require any capex, and can be simply added as an ingredient in a variety of production processes.

LIFEX003 is a light brown powder.Lactic, formic and propionic acids have been specially selected for their pH-reducing effect on the feed and their antibacterial and antifungal properties.