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Specialty Chemicals

Innovative specialty chemicals for industrial applications

Specialty Chemicals

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SILICONE ADDITIVE GM-100A series of silicone plastic additives are made by ultra-high molecular weight polysiloxane with the appearance of white granules or powder. It is used as plastic processing additives to overcome the problem of traditional processing of dimethyl silicone oil and performance shortage. GM series of silicone additives are safe with stable performance, convenient mix and easy dispersion in resin. It has the following functions: improve fluidity and demolding of plastics processing, reduce torque, reduce equipment wear with convenient filling, reduce the defect rate of products, lower friction coefficient, enhance smoothness, improve surface glory, enhance the surface silky touch and improve scratch resistance, upgrade the flame retardant, reduce smoke density and enhance impact strength and surface glory of flame retardant materials (highly filled), has good stability and non-mobility.